Maker of the Month

May 2019: Jennifer Kirsch, Atlantic Sea Glass Designs. 

June 2019: Jen Hubert, The Farmers Daughter

July 2019:Celia Wolff, Five Sisters Bath Co. 
Celia  started a small, family-owned, hand crafted business, selling bath and grooming products.

Five Sisters Bath Co., began just over a year ago, and was born out of a love of all things relaxing!

August 2019: Jo Jantz, That's wicked. 

"I hope my art makes people smile and becomes a conversation piece."- Jo Jantz
Jo has always enjoyed art since she was very young. She began making various crafts in her spare time. People loved what she made so she began to sell it. Her company's name, That's Wicked! stems from her daughters love for the Wizard of Oz. She fell in love with the movie when she was 3 (now 19) and named everyone in the family a character. Jo was graced with being the Wicked Witch....hence That's Wicked. Jo's artwork is a blend of unique materials. (Spray paint, acrylic paint, paper, wire or beads)

September 2019: Robert Fortsch, Watercolors and Oils 

October 2019: AVAILABLE


November 2019: Kerin Cleary, Fran and Nancy



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